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Surfing on Land

Although some people may find skateboarding to be rebelious or disrespectful to side walks, parks, and stair ways. I find the idea to be amazing! Its simple yet super exotic and trendy. You are basically surfing on any smooth surface, its light weight and its smaller size, compared to a bike and scooter, brings opportunities to carry and ride anywhere! It could be useful for times where owning a car is still a dream. You could just pull it out and be on your way. People may argue that a bike will do the same thing, if not better, but have you ever seen anybody fit a bike in their back pack? The answer is no! No you havent, dont lie to yourself. Truth is, skating isnt for everyone. You have to maintain perfect balance throught the entire ride and be ready to avoid objects that may make you fall off the board. Trust me, you do not want to be on the wrong side of the board at the wrong time. If not wearing protection or thicker side clothes there will be carpet burn marks on your body longer than city construction maintenance! Be carefull out there. You also must be pretty fit to ride one. If you are too heavy you may put too much weight on one side or flat out break the board in half. After become used to the board and the art of cruising anywhere you will tend to fell great. You begin to relize how easy it is and how fast you can get to places. Eventually you will get tired of picking up your board once infront of curbs or stairs. Well Im glad to say that if you learn a simple trick called an ollie, curbs and stairs wont need to be stoped for! Ollie You will notice how you can now jump over curbs letting you keep riding for longer times with less stops. This trick has helped me get to places a lot faster