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What literally keeps me alive!

Food and snacks are all something we need to actually live but we still fail to apreicate it. I bet you have never worried when or where your next meal was coming. Not that I can relate to that, but food has removed stress from me and probably from you too. When eating food it brings a sense of peace and comfort. You feel as if time has paused for you to you can take a quick bite and what your mouth loves most. Why do we feel so good when we eat you ask? Its because instinctively we would only eat food back them when it is safe. We would only eat and use the bathroom back then when it was safe because at those times we are very vulnerable. According to scientific studies chewing gum reduces anxiety and stress in the moment. If you are really nervous during a presentation of some sort trying chewing gum while presenting, if the teacher allows you to. I can personally say this works, sometimes a chew gum just for a quick confident boost.