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Animals & Pets

Animals play a big role in my life and sanity. I currently have a total of 4 alive pets in my house. 3 of which are birds and 1 cat. These guys help me get through the day feeling atleast just a little bit better. People think the cat would try chasing the birds to try and eat them but in reality, he just lays down near them to relax with them. Anytime I am feeling down or just sad. I also go to my pets and feel better. Although they dont understand my emotions or fellings, their company gives me motivation to get better and do better. I dont know if my family also sees them in that same light but they for sure like the cats company. The cat is always trying to get his tummy rubbed and a lot of attention. If not eating or asking for attention he will either sleep or run around the house really fast. My parents some times dislike the cat for those reasons.